Engendro 3D Progress Report (1 year, 7 months)

This little engine that is not born yet is still developing well. Right now, there are some news to share with anybody who  wants to hear:

  • GPU Animations are up and running.
  • I improved the performance by 10x (specially good for animated meshes) after converting two lines of the uniform upload code to Cython
  • When adding a ‘fullscreen effects’ framework, I placed the code in the wrong place and it ended up being capable of overriding the entire rendering path, so I implemented an easy-to-override rendering pipeline without even planning to (I’ll use it to add deferred rendering one day).

Sometimes the progress feels very slow on  this, but then it speeds up. I hope it will be faster now.

And next, the funny pictures:


Dwarf model downloaded from animium.com, but originally belongs to http://www.psionicgames.com


Small blog edition

After more than a year with this little blog I have noticed that almost all the visits are going to the entry SharpDX multiple material performance and effects.  While there is no problem with that narrow field of interest on the other topics of the blog, most people are reaching that post by the wrong search terms, so the ‘article’ will just disappoint them (visitors often expect high level stuff related to shaders wich the article has none). Since I do not want people wasting time on stuff they don’t care (and since no one cares about stories on rotating ducks and such) I have decided to edit the entries to remove useless parts and from now on, everything I post will have the only thing all of us care about: code snippets.

Or else I will (try to) avoid publishing it.