How to host your DX Studio games in Dropbox

I was a little jealous of the opportunity that Unity user have to use their webplayer, but then I realize that we, DX Studio users have a webplayer too. I recently saw a user showing a game trough a page sored in Dropbox, so I knew it was possible. After Googling a little, I found this page about Using Dropbox with Unity, and after adapting the method, I decided to show you the

Steps to set a webplayer in Dropbox for your DX Studio documents:

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Postprocessing shaders using FX Composer

If you are reading this, I suppose you already know something about writing Post Processing shaders, but if you don’t, a very good place to start is this page:

Actually, that’s the page from where I learned what I’m showing here. Now, if you know nothing about shaders and you have curiosity, one of the best explained intros to the shader world is here:

Here, I’m basically just pasting some screen caps of my first achievements in PP shaders. I’m still learning how to do this so the stuff is very basic.

Note: The toroid has applied a “normals” shader I am trying, and I skipped the background in all captures but the last one.

Normal Scene


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Lightmaps and shadows test on DX Studio

Showing here some testing I made using DX Studio and SweetHome 3D, free programs for making games, 3D rooms, accessories and house plans.

Starting the room.


Modifying on 3DS Max.


I discovered that is necessary to flip the normals of the roof on rooms since they come backwards. Strange.

Here the videos of the tests and the links so you can download this micro levels to play throwing some apples (Windows only).

Download dynshadow.exe

Download LMshadow.exe