Engendro 3D Progress Report (1 year, 7 months)

This little engine that is not born yet is still developing well. Right now, there are some news to share with anybody who  wants to hear:

  • GPU Animations are up and running.
  • I improved the performance by 10x (specially good for animated meshes) after converting two lines of the uniform upload code to Cython
  • When adding a ‘fullscreen effects’ framework, I placed the code in the wrong place and it ended up being capable of overriding the entire rendering path, so I implemented an easy-to-override rendering pipeline without even planning to (I’ll use it to add deferred rendering one day).

Sometimes the progress feels very slow on  this, but then it speeds up. I hope it will be faster now.

And next, the funny pictures:


Dwarf model downloaded from animium.com, but originally belongs to http://www.psionicgames.com