Engine development pictures (2 months)

It’s been two months since Engendro3D started, so I think it deserves a small update on it’s current state.

Some screen caps, with and without lightmap:




screenshot_8_10_2013_22_9_21 screenshot_8_10_2013_22_9_18

And two ducks, one spinning, with texture and simple lightning and the other with different scale, rotation, position and shader:


Importing the lightmap of the room (that I always use because is very high poly and detailed, so it gives me a decent measurement and look, while is simple to handle) took me some time, since I found no way of reading the second UV channel of my .x mesh using Assimp, so I ended up storing the 2nd UV channel in the vertex color and I extract it in a “pre-pass” step before loading the real model. I don’t really like that solution, but is fine for now.

There is also 2d and positional sound working (using SFML.net), basic input (with Windows default messages) and a basic camera as well.

Now I just need an editor, because placing everything by code is not fun. Once a basic one is ready, I’ll start with physics 😀 .