SharpDX Forum closed.

Note: I had this and the Ducky story ready since a few days, but delayed posting them, until now…

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While it is truth that SharpDX is just a wrapper (a good one) around DirectX and you can find all the info you need about the api without visiting the forum, it was not the reason to have a forum. It was (or at least I think that’s the reason of any forum) to have a COMMUNITY. A place to ask about specific aspects of the wrapper, comment about something or maybe show what you do with the tool. The post by xoofx (linked above) specially shocked me, mainly because almost every word hit me, like a slap in the face. I have been insulted many times in my life (mainly by my mother) and the words in xoofx’s post felt pretty much the same like my mom’s. I mean, he called us wannabes, (maybe without talent?), that are not having success with SharpDX for not working hard, unlike other guys pointed out in the same post. I now I have no talent. I don’t need one more person telling me that.

Yes, I asked something once and delayed some time to go back to the forum, but that’s because SharpDX does well it’s job, so it is not really necessary to visit the forum so often and, before ask, I read all I found in the forum about the subject I was in doubt about (including the post I was refered to).

Yes, there is a lot of info about DirectX in the web, and probably a lot of users don’t look there enough, and neither in the forum before ask, but complaining about having to answer every question is totally wrong for a very simple reason: It is a forum, not a personal contact way to the devs. Forum managers are not forced to answer every single question posted. That’s why there are other registered users. According to the post’s statistics, few users are answering, other that the admins. Well, that’s the problem of the community, not the admins. DX Studio forum is visited very few times by the admins, but still some people, even myself, answer some questions from when to when. It is not much, but at the end everybody is fine with that.

Yes, admins, devs, moderators and everybody has the right to use their time as they want (and using some of it to maintain and enhance SharpDX is a very good way to use it), but I thing that closing the forum for that reason is a very bad decision. Still, SharpDX is great and there is no reason to stop using it, even if the dev is like doing us a favor by letting us use the wrapper, as I sense he feels, by he using this sentence: “we are using SharpDX at my work, mainly these APIs (Direct3D11/DXGI/D3DCompiler), so any bugs in theses API are critical for my work as well”.

Well, thank you, sincerely, because whatever fate lies onto my work, it could not be possible without SharpDX.

(Sorry for the rant, but the only people I talk to is the Internet people (you). Losing a space for that, even if I don’t use it a lot, is not nice).

PS: Happy Birthday to me!


2 thoughts on “SharpDX Forum closed.

  1. Hi,
    Discovering your post, I’m sincerely apologizing if you felt directly shocked by this decision and the word that were used in this post.

    When I was talking about “wannabe”, I was referring to recurrent (almost one a day) post of some people coming with exactly this kind of phrase “Hey, I’m new to SharpDX and DirectX, how do I….”. Sometimes, these questions were like not the even the guy looked at the 80 samples in the SharpDX SDK…

    Concerning the forum, I don’t know if you have already managed this kind of work, but this is truly a pain. I don’t like to not respond to people and I also don’t like when people are harassing for a response. Even when I decided not to respond anymore on the forum, I was still looking at the post to see how it evolves, but It was preoccupying me too much and that’s not a good feeling to be preoccupied like this. I have over stuff in my life that requires more attention, but because of this forum, part of my head during the day was preoccupied by the question posted there. Seeing lots of posts not answered was not a pleasant feeling trust me but we were forced to do this, because lots of questions were obviously a lack of research by the poster, so we took the strategy to let 3-4 days without responding to this kind of question and see if the person was able to find it himself.

    So all of this is really difficult to manage, considering that our spare time is limited and we have a bunch of other stuff to do. That’s why I took this decision and redirect people to some forum like where they have lots of contributors/active users that are able to answer questions.

    In the end, closing the forum was a very good decision for both artiom and me, as we are able to manage our new projects on our spare time. Yes, that’s indeed completely selfish.

    Hope you understand.

    1. First, thanks for your comment. I never expected somebody commenting in (or reading) this little blog.

      I do know that moderating a forum can be very time consuming, but never thought about the stress it could cause on you. Also, I understand that everybody has to do the best with his/her time, to achieve the things we need or dream to do, I just felt a little bad for the news (I have experienced when other forums closed in the past, so I’m a little traumatized for that).

      So if this is good for you, I wish you the best and luck for your projects. And thanks again for SharpDX. It’s very nice to work with it.

      So it seems that in the end I do was a ‘wannabe’ with the meaning I give to the word, since I quit Windows, .net and Direct X altogether. Sorry about that.

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