Engendro3D game engine / Motor de juego

-Engendro (spanish):

  1. Fetus.
  2. Deformed creature born without due proportion.
  3. Very ugly person.
  4. Plan, design or intellectual work poorly designed.


Today I announce the conception of Engendro3D™ , a .net based game engine with planned support for DX9, DX11 and OpenGL. But why to start a game engine of my own if it is (I’ve been told) an insanely hard (and perhaps impossible) project for a single person?

Well, basically, to learn.  While I was making my second plugin for DX Studio, I realized that I have to know a lot more about how game engines work. And what is the best way for me to learn? Doing things. So I will put together all that is needed to make functional games to at least be able to improve the appearance of my first game (now in paper), which will use DX Studio.

Right now, lets say that the engine is in the differentiation stage, where the various systems are being formed:

  • Rendering manager
    • Starts and updates the selected device (DX9,DX11,OGL). Also should handle occlusion and instancing.
  • Textures manager
    • Everything related to textures, including atlases and such.
  • Effects manager
    • .Fx file loading, compiling, reload if changed, and parsing.
  • Models manager
    • Meshes loader and importer.
  • Sounds manager
    • Loader (and updater?).
  • Physics manager
    • Setting and updating.
  • Scenes manager
    • Loading and writing to disk of complete scenes. Addition and removal of scene objects.

I have received some critics because of the language I chose: Basic .net. But the facts are that using that language has many advantages for me, so I will stick to it. Anyway, is not like I’m trying to compete against Unity, Cryengine or UDK, right?

Currently I’m working on the rendering manager over DX9. Soon, I will come back with updates.

And about the name… Clever, isn’t it? 😀