How to host your DX Studio games in Dropbox

I was a little jealous of the opportunity that Unity user have to use their webplayer, but then I realize that we, DX Studio users have a webplayer too. I recently saw a user showing a game trough a page sored in Dropbox, so I knew it was possible. After Googling a little, I found this page about Using Dropbox with Unity, and after adapting the method, I decided to show you the

Steps to set a webplayer in Dropbox for your DX Studio documents:

In the bottom you’ll find a link to enable a Public folder.

  • Create a Html build for your DX Studio game.


  • Upload all the created files to your Public folder in Dropbox. You can keep them in a subfolder inside the Public folder.
  • In your Public folder right click the .dxstudio file you just uploaded and in the context menu select Copy public link.


  • Open the .html file created with your dxs doc and in the line that says:

var dxswrapper1 = new DXStudioPlayer(path+”yourdoc.dxstudio”, “dxs1”, “dxstudioplayer1”);

replace all the bold characters for the link you just copied.

  • Give to your users the Public link to the .html file.

Done! This method should work also for games using modules or other on-the-background loading.